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Letzte Aktualisierung /
last update 28.07.2004

registration for pilots

for the airshow at the 10th and 11th of july 2004 at the fair of Allerheiligen im MŁrztal on the meadow of Kirchmoar.


Every experienced pilot is welcome to join the airshow with his own aircraft. The runway is suited for airplanes affording short landing and starting tracks (Piper, UL, etc.). There are no registrations fees or landing fees. Free food and a special VIP area for pilots are installed as well. If you would like to partcipate at the airshow please fill in the form beneath. We are also happy if you want to perform a flight manoeuvre. If you need a well-appointed room for free for an overnight stay so fill in the right information in the form. After your registration the necessary landing data together with a permit for an outdoor landing as a certificate will be sent to you.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. SIEBER.

personal data

**function aerobatics pilot        (You have to fill in fields with a "*")
  model aircraft pilot  (You have to fill in fields with a "*")
**first name
**street + nr.
**postal code
*  number of pilot license
*  authority
*  date of issue
*  total flying hours


aircraft data

*  power in kW
*  code
*  flying hours of the pilot
    on this aircraft


other data

**participation guest
  performing a manoeuvre
      brief description of the maoeuvre
accompanied by person/people
overnight stay total number of rooms to be booked (single + double rooms)
  single rooms of total number
  double rooms of total number
  The costs for an overnight stay in a well-appointed room are paid by the Airshowteam Allerheiligen. Therefore the following requirements must be fullfilled:
  • registration as an aerobatics pilot via this form and positive permit for an outdoor landing via certificate.
  • registration as a model aircraft pilot via this form and following invitation through the Airshowteam Allerheiligen.