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last update 28.07.2004

program 2004


1-day-ticket at the box office for EUR 3,50--

2-days-tickets are available  for EUR 5,00-- at all Raiffeisen banks in styria
(reduction für club members) and the BAWAG bank ín Kindberg and Kapfenberg.

With your ticket you have access to all events of this program even to the open-air concerts. Parking for cars on the prepared car parks is for free.

Jump to helicopter round trips and tandem parachute jumps...


saturday, 10.7.2004

14:00        opening of the fair and the airshow with mayor Erich LACKNER,
                   the music society Allerheiligen Mürzhofen and the Styrian Fahnenschwinger.

14:15        dog performance of the Eukanuba Welpenschule Langenwang
work, subordination, agility and a hunting show)


model aircraft performances
large size motor models
    famous for his stunts with model aircrafts for the tv series MEDICOPTER on RTL
  • Martin SÖLLNER
    flys on his Bell 205 one of the largest turbine helicopter models in Europe with a span of 3,15m!
    4 times European master on a CUP 232 (150 cm)
  • Sepp BUCHER
    Winner of all the international scale-helicopter-masters. Performing on a NH-90-scale-turbine helicopter
  • Thomas PEICHL
    stunt flight pilot for large scale-models. Flys a Wilga
    built in the scale way with a wingspan of 3,50 m and a cubic capacity of 225 ccm


large size glider models
  • Hans WALLNER
    (former ski jumper of the Austrian national team, 3rd at the ski flying world championship, contestant of the Olympics,...)
  • Rene WEIßHÄUPL
    (German master in acrobatics model gliding stunt flying 2002)
  • Gerhard TUMA with Ernst KÖNIGSBAUER and Roland SEITNER (organisation)
    (winner of the international German masters of aerobatics for large size glider models)


aerobatics (manned aircrafts)
motor aircrafts
  • Walter MIKA of the Flying Bulls on the Pitts 2 B biplane
    (one of the best aerobatics pilots in Europe)

  • SPINNING HAWKS aerobatics team
  • Mattias LEMMERER and Jörg WULZ
    with a squadron of Pipers, a banner pick up,..


  • Ewald ROITNER on a MDM 1 Fox
    (state master in glider aerobatics)
  • mirror airflight show with 2 gliding aircrafts (Blanic)
    with Martin STRIMITZER and Kurt TIPPL


helicopter shows
  • Walter OSSWALD
    presents "Der Tanz mit dem Helikopter" (the dance with the helicopter). He dances with his helicopter R22 the
    Viennese waltz.


15:00       COUNTRY STAGE

     -            NASHVILLE EXPRESS and STAMPEDE entertain you with
                  traditional country music, ballads with feelings and country
01:00        music with sounds like rock.
                  (Furthermore the
re is an original saloon, a dance floor, western wear,
children care,...)


19:00       HELFRIED
     -           In front of the "Kulturhalle" he plays  famous tunes of the 60ies and 70ies
01:00       on his "one-man-orchestra" (organ)


21:00       open air concert with the band "Bratlfettn"
                  pre-group "Handmade 85"


sunday, 11.7.2004

09:30        fair marathon

10:00        horse show with t
he horseman club Haberlhof, Krieglach and
                  a stunt show with the "Steirischen Cowboy" (the styrian cowboy).

11:00        Frühschoppen with the band "Haderlumpen" from western styria

13:30        COUNTRY STAGE

     -            NEW WEST live
(in accordance with the Austrian Country Music Federation the best band 2003 in Austria)
(intermission between 15:00 and 17:00)

14:00        oldtimer car show at the fair


Afterwards AIRSHOW programme as on saturday!


helicopter round trips and tandem parachute jumps

Both are held the whole weekend. For ordering please contact Mr. SIEBER or Mr. HIERZER.

prices                                                    at the show                    in advance

     helicopter round trip

children under 12 years              EUR 37,--                        EUR 34,--

adults                                            EUR 44,--                        EUR 41,--  


     tandem parachute jump

each person                                 EUR 225,--                        EUR 205,--

group reduction                           EUR 205,--
(price per person for a group of 6 people at least)


     in cooperation with 


autographing session with Hans WALLNER in the VIP-tent

(former ski jumper of the Austrian national team, 3rd at the ski flying world championship, contestant of the Olympics,...)

various star guests will come to the airshow

beside this program you can enjoy the local fair


subject to alterations!